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Every Day is a Gift



"Remember, You can earn more money, but when time is spent it is gone forever."

-Zig Ziglar


This quote comes from this inspiring book... Read an excerpt below ...




 This chapter is called, “Someday Isle” from Barry Gottlieb’s book Every Day Is A Gift

I have often heard it said that one of life’s greatest tragedies is when someone dies at a young age. I believe  an even greater tragedy would be to live to one hundred, without ever having really lived.

Someday Isle is well known to most people. It is a place that we dream of and talk about, but where we never seem to arrive. Someday Isle is all of those things we wanted to do in our lives; all those places we wanted to visit; all those things we wanted to have. But we put them off because of “Someday I’ll.” Someday I’ll try whitewater rafting … Someday I’ll finish school … Someday I’ll move out of this neighborhood … Someday I’ll have a family … Someday I’ll be somebody.

Think about it. What have you been putting off doing that you have always wanted to do, to have, to be? Ask yourself, what is keeping you from doing these things? Do you have limiting beliefs or fears?  Are these limiting beliefs or fears real, or are they just excuses?

What if you didnʼt have any excuses? What would you do?

I am aware of terminally ill cancer patients that have formed “Adventure Clubs.” These patients have been told they are going to die, some in a few months, others in several months, and a lucky few within the next 2-5 years.

These patients started adventure clubs to seek out and do everything they were afraid to do when they were “well.” They went white water rafting, sky diving, rode roller coasters and ate spicy foods they never tried before. They visited places they always wanted to see, but never made time for. They simply made the best out of every day they had left, without fear or limiting beliefs.

They would tell their loved ones they loved them, every day. They didn’t hold back!

You already know this, but chances are you may have lost sight of it. Nobody is promised tomorrow. We are all going to die one day. You don’t need to have a terminal illness to decide you want to live each and every
day to the fullest.

YOU have that choice today. You always have!




The quality of life is your gift to yourself every day.
Barry Gottlieb's mission is simply "To inspire and Empower others to reach their full potential." Use this book to help overcome obstacles that may be preventing you from living the life you desire and deserve.




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