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Make Meetings Work for You


What do you want from your meetings?

Are you organising the meetings and frustrated at the waste of time and money when people will not stay on target, keeping discussion going round in circles, or promoting their own agendas?

Or maybe you attend meetings and feel powerless to get involved - lacking the assertiveness or skills, wanting to have your say, or to promote your own cause.  Or maybe you just want to see the meetings be constructive and efficient so you can get back to the real work of the organisation. 





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Ensure your meetings are effective ... and efficient



Use an agenda for meeting success


Are you tired of meetings that spend hours of time and money but achieve no outcomes?  Annoyed by lack of direction and beating around the bush?


These tips show you how to use an agenda to make your meetings run smoothly and productively.


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Make your Meetings Work

... for you


  • Learn how to use meetings to create your own outcomes, to be a team player and to establish your image.

  • Learn how to run meetings that achieve results quickly and effectively.

  • Discover the basics of parliamentary procedure that you can use, whether you are chairing the meeting or participating.

  • Learn effective presentation techniques so that you can communicate your message and your image effectively.

  Make Your Meetings Work - the eBook       

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