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 To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love : The Spiritual Dimension of Entrepreneuring




by Marsha Sinetar




EAN:  978-0312141417
Format: Paperback
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Published: 1996




"appeals to the entrepreneurial spirit in this inspirational tome"


"The author's "spirituality" of entrepreneuring amounts to a popular Confucianism for twenty-first-century capitalism. This does not mean that Sinetar introduces readers to Chinese religion (though she does cite the I Ching) but rather that she defines spirituality as an embrace of roles necessitated by one's position within a social and economic system that has taken on a covertly religious significance. Spirituality is a matter of embracing who one is and being where one is in the context of an economic system that is market driven and incapable of generating enough "jobs" in a conventional sense to go around."


"Well written, powerfully concise and to the point. For anyone who has been or is in a career transition, in the midst of finding and/or creating a business of their own, for anyone who has been looking for the "answer" in what to do next and how, for anyone who has been exploring and trying all kinds of stuff but hasn't found "that thing" that you can call fulfilling work - READ THIS BOOK!"






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