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The Best Way To Build Wealth Is To Save Money


Life is full of trite cliches. One of the famous ones that I've personally found to not be entirely true is this: there isn't a free lunch. Well, sure there is! Well, maybe not lunches, but the overall sentiment is otherwise categorically untrue. The trick of the trade is in deciding to shape your perception to perceive the value in things that others view as complete garbage, and, indeed, finding and discovering new ways to appropriately utilized them.

The honest truth is that we exist in an often extraordinarily wasteful society and culture. There's something about true abundance that makes people forget altogether what it's like to have real need, and to simply toss out things which they could easily offer up for trade, or find some other utility out of. There's a number of tricks I would take pleasure in outlining on how to discover material goods that are either free for the taking, or at the very least far more affordable than the price you'd be expected to pay in the store.

One of the many tricks of the trade is craigslist. Craigslist rocks. The reason for this is craigslist allows anyone to place a ad for free! Craigslist is a haven for new businesses offering good deals to get the wheels of commerce moving, as well as people looking to simply get rid of what they perceive as "junk". Often you can find things like lightly used furniture either for cheap or entirely for free.

Another awesome piece of advice for finding free stuff is as simple as knowing a word. Freecycling. Freecycling is the term people use for little grass roots communities that have sprung up around the world of individuals either looking to offload or give away things or in some cases trade them for other similar goods. Often these individuals have a fundamental belief in the reality of karma, and abhor the idea of their previously prized posessions hurting the environment and sitting in a garbage dump.

One last tool for using craigslist is... Google Alerts! Google Alerts is a service which you can setup email notices for when fresh content appears on the web containing certain target keywords that you can specify. The great thing about the Google Alerts tool that people often do not know about is that you can use it to zero in on certain sites or URLs only. This tip is fantastic for filtering for the very best information the moment they are placed. All you have to do is this: on your Google Alerts entry add the keyword site: websiteaddresshere.


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