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The 7 Hidden Secrets of Motivation: Unlocking the Genius Within (Your Coach in a Box)


~ Todd Beeler 


Format: Audio CD

Publisher: Your Coach In A Box

Released February 1, 2006

ISBN-13: 978-1596590304









If you have done a lot of self help, and didn't take any action get this book. This man learned from the best in the marketing industry, people who influenced millions to spend billions. He truly understands what is needed to create the drive inside of you to CAUSE action. 

I say CAUSE because if you follow the program diligently, and listen actively, you wont have to MAKE yourself take action. It will just happen as a natural process of your new thinking. Here's an example; 

I always wanted to hit the gym. I'm a skinny guy, and I know that working out will give me more energy and muscle. After reading the first two chapters, I stopped and did every exercise, answered every question he mentioned. This took me an hour, and at the end of the hour I literally got up and went to the gym. 

I'm not big on hype, but if you really want to change your life pick this book up. It's filled with ideas that will shift your reality far beyond what you thought was ever possible for you. 
Jared Melchert




 The 7 Hidden Secrets of Motivation: Unlocking the Genius Within (Your Coach in a Box)

~ Todd Beeler

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Simply Solving the Puzzle

When most young children are given a puzzle to solve or put together that is especially challenging, most will make a good effort at solving it, but if unsuccessful will soon lose interest and abandon it. Some will even become angry at their failure to solve it and may throw a tantrum.

Contrast that with the experienced puzzle player who proceeds to put the puzzle together with an air of certain confidence that they will complete it. They know that they have all of the pieces of the puzzle before them so it is only a matter of finding out which pieces work where and once that's done the puzzle will be complete. Putting a piece in the wrong place is not a cause for concern; it's simply another step toward putting all of the pieces in their proper place.